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Percussion Ensembles / Drum Line

Percussion Techniques (Fall/Spring)

All percussion students enroll in the percussion techniques class where they hone their skill on Mallets, Auxiliary Percussion and a wide variety of drums. In January, percussion addition for spots in one of the three concert bands. Percussion students selected into the concert bands are expected to stay current with percussion techniques needed for participation.


Drum Line

Drumline is one of the several worthwhile ensembles of the Thousand Oaks High School Instrumental Music Program.  The drumline is divided up into 2 sections: 
  • The BATTERY which is the snares, tenors, bass drums, and cymbals. These instruments are worn and/or carried by the members.
  • The FRONT ENSEMBLE (or PIT) which is xylophones, marimbas, bells, timpani etc...  Any percussion instrument that is too large to wear or carry.  The front ensemble is not just limited to percussion.  Students who can play synthesizer, electric bass, or electric guitar are also included in the front ensemble.
Drumline is an ensemble that performs throughout both semesters of the school year.
In the fall semester the Drumline performs as one section of the Marching Band.  We are one large ensemble and perform at Football games, marching band competitions, pep rallies, and various other community events.
In the spring semester the Drumline performs in their own competitions throughout Southern California.  We perform indoors on basketball courts and get to compete and see other drumlines from the area.  In addition, like the fall semester, the drumline continues to perform at pep rallies and other community events.
Drumline is a great ensemble for new students to join and learn.  All of the music for the drumline (both semesters) is custom written/arranged to the members to help foster the individual growth of the student and make everyone a valuable part of the ensemble.  The drumline is a team. 
After high school, many of drumline members have gone on to be college music majors, drumline instructors, and have joined independent drumlines that perform in Drum Corps International and Winter Guard International.
Recordings of some of our previous shows can be found on our Videos page.

Band Contact Information

Band Director:
James Rumenapp
805-495-7491 ext 2002

Band Office Manager:
Matthew Ray
805-495-7491 ext 6002

Thousand Oaks High School

2323 N Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Phone: 805-495-7491

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Band Booster Contacts

Christine Greenberg

VP Band:
Leonie Choy

VP Color Guard:
Kelly McEntee & Stacey Mays

VP Drumline:
Adam Greenberg

VP Jazz Bands:
Julie Lewis

Equipment Crew Directors:
Adam Greenberg & Dan Aguilar