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TOHS Band Booster Board Positions Description


The following contains a synopsis of the Executive Board and Support positions and the associated responsibilities.


Executive Board



The President is the chief officer of the Boosters who, among other duties will coordinate Booster activities and represent the membership in its interaction with the Band Director and professional staff, and act as Booster representative with school administration, school district officials, the Band Director and the public.


VP - Band

The Vice President oversees communications via the class representatives, coordinates volunteers and overnight trips for Marching Band, oversees volunteers for concerts, and oversees various chair positions within the booster board.


VP - Color Guard

The VP Color Guard represents the Color Guard and Winter Guard, coordinates volunteers and transportation for events, and organizes the Sites of Conejo event.


VP - Drum Line

The VP of Drum Line represents the Drum Line, coordinates volunteers, and coordinates transportation for events.


VP - Jazz

The VP of Jazz represents the jazz groups, coordinates volunteers, helps to organize transportation and any overnight trips, as well as helps coordinate the Dinner Dance.


Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary prepares and publishes the minutes for all Executive Board meetings and all General Meetings.  This individual also keeps a book of such minutes including notes taken during the meeting as well as a copy of the published minutes and financial reports presented by the Treasurer(s) and Financial Secretary(s).


Treasurer / Co-Treasurer

The treasurer maintains the bank accounts, provides financial reports, and is responsible for the financial accounting of the booster board.  A co-treasurer processes all reimbursements according to the board bylaws, working closely with the treasurer.


Financial Secretary

The financial secretary handles all deposits and incoming funds to the booster board.  This includes posting of pledge donations for given individuals in order to provide tax statements.  This individual also works closely with the treasurer.


Director of Equipment and Maintenance

The Director of Equipment and Maintenance manages the adult and student equipment and staging crews in regards to setup and tear-down, as well as the transportation of these items.  The director oversees the maintenance, repair, construction and/or purchase of equipment, as well as other needed items for the equipment.


Director of Food

The Director of Food manages the procurement and distribution of food and beverages needed for the marching and concert bands.


Director of Membership

The Director of Membership is responsible for assisting the Band Office Administrator with membership paperwork, largely associated with the orientation.  In addition, this individual helps to coordinate a few events throughout the year aimed at future membership, such as the Future Lancer Night.


Director of Publicity and Correspondence

The Director of Publicity acts as a liaison and coordinates the preparation of promotional article before and after events, feature articles, etc.  This includes taking pictures and coordinating event materials with alumni and middle schools.


Director of Ways and Means

The director oversees fundraising activities and recruits fundraising chairpersons as needed.  The activities includes the Dinner Dance, sponsor/patron program, and other fundraising activities agreed on by the board.


Alternate Wear Chair

The Director of Alternate Wear manages the sale and distribution of alternate wear, such as the items on the booster web store.  Included is the ordering of attire for stock.


Non-Voting Executive Board


Class Representatives

There is one class representative for each grade.  This representative is a primary point of contact for parents that have a student in that grade and represent concerns of these parents to the board, as well as providing regular communication of information from the board.


Booster Alumni Chair

This position is similar to a class representative in function, except for parent and student alumni.



The Parliamentarian is responsible to enforcing the rules of procedure at the executive and all meetings of the Boosters, as well as heads a committee to recruit individuals for the next year's proposed board.


Non-Voting Support Positions



The auditor is appointed by the Executive Board to perform an annual financial review of all bank statements, board accounts and controls or procedures.  This includes preparing a report to be submitted to the school district.


Caroling Chair

This individual is responsible for overseeing event, coordinating transportation, and recruiting volunteers and all items pertinent to this event.  Held the first 2 Fridays of December.


Concert Wear Chair

The Concert Wear Chair is responsible for procurement, inventory, and sale/loan of concert wear.


Dinner Dance Chair

This position is responsible for overseeing event, recruiting volunteers, leading chairpersons, and coordinating with Band Director and Instructional Staff all items pertinent to this event.  This event is held in November.


Performance Concessions Chair

This individual is responsible for recruiting volunteers, procuring items, setting up, and cleaning up concessions for performances.


Restaurant Nights Chair

This chairperson works with the Ways and Means director.  This individual finds and secures restaurants for band families to attend with a percentage returned to the band boosters as a fundraiser, in coordination with the school representative.


Sights of Conejo Chair

The Sights of Conejo chair is responsible for overseeing event, recruiting volunteers, leading chairpersons, and coordinating with Band Director and Instructional Staff all items pertinent to this event.  Includes Drumline, Winter Guard, and Jazz Band.  Usually held in March.


Social Media Chair

The social media chair is responsible for maintaining and creating posts for the band booster Facebook, Instragram and Twitter accounts.  In addition, this individual will oversee or handle the maintenance of articles on the band booster website.


Sounds of Conejo Chair

This individual leads the organization of the Sounds of Conejo Marching Band event, which is usually the end of September or beginning of October.  This includes communication with other bands, publicity, volunteers, etc.


Sounds of Conejo Food Chair

This individual organizes the sale of food at the Sounds of Conejo.  This includes handling of the snack shack, purchasing food, etc.


Sounds of Conejo Parking Chair

The Parking Chair is responsible for organizing and coordinating the parking of buses and trailers of bands participating in the Sounds of Conejo.  This includes securing the parking lots as needed.


Transportation Chair

This individual assists VP of Band and Director of Equipment with arranging travel logistics for competitions and performances.


Water Chair

The Water Chair assists Director of Food with procurement, transportation, and distribution of water (watering the band) for competitions and performances.


Web/Technology Administrator

The Web/Technology Administrator works with maintaining the band web site, administering the Google Booster users (email access) and other technology used by the Booster Board.

Band Contact Information

Band Director:
James Rumenapp
805-495-7491 ext 2002

Band Office Manager:
Matthew Ray
805-495-7491 ext 6002

Thousand Oaks High School

2323 N Moorpark Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Phone: 805-495-7491

TOHS Web Site

Band Booster Contacts

Christine Greenberg

VP Band:
Leonie Choy

VP Color Guard:
Kelly McEntee & Stacey Mays

VP Drumline:
Adam Greenberg

VP Jazz Bands:
Julie Lewis

Equipment Crew Directors:
Adam Greenberg & Dan Aguilar