Lancer Band Booster 2019-20

Hll of Fame


The Lancer Band Boosters is made up of volunteers.  There are so many booster volunteers that help to make the band program amazing!  This year we will spot light some of our exceptional volunteers and say thank you for being so dedicated and for helping to make all of our children's band education so spectacular! 

September 2019


Eugene Dury

In every project of this magnitude, there is often an individual whose creativity and ingenuity far surpasses that of the team that he or she is a part of.  This person also does so much in the background that has such a massive impact on the success of this project, yet does not get a lot of notoriety.

This individual I am referring to is Eugene Dury.  Eugene has contributed so much to the success of the Top Hat Props.  Although many of have contributed ideas on the design of the Top Hats, Eugene has taken our ideas, created the infrastructure design of the Top Hats such that there is a great deal of safety for our children and impact for our staff.

This year as well as in years past, he has contributed countless hours of cutting, welding and hammering at his own house to prepare EMT uprights and plates so that we can focus on the woodworking of bases and tops on our Saturday work days. In addition to working on the EMT nearly every night of the week by himself for the past several weeks, he continues to contribute at least 6-8 hours almost every single Saturday since early June.

His remarkable sense of humor keeps us all from losing our sanity.  Often, without any warning, he will throw out a one liner in reference to something we are working on and totally break the stress of the moment.

We would like to thank you, Eugene, for the immense amount of time, energy and skill you have contributed to the Thousand Oaks High School Marching Band and to the Equipment Crew’s sanity!

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