Directing Podiums

Our current podiums have been very well used and need to be replaced as they are no longer considered safe.  This is a pricey endeavor and we are hoping you will join us in making an impact on the youth by making a donation toward their replacement.  Over the lifetime of these podiums, more than 1000 kids will participate in marching band. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that has such a positive impact on so many kids!

This Holiday Season .... 

Don't forget easy money for the band!  When shopping at Amazon, use and designate Thousand Oaks High School Band Booster Club Inc!  It's easy and it supports your student's program!

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The Lancer Band program is dependent on a very vigorous fundraising program supported by the Band Boosters, students, and band families.

Booster Fundraising

The Booster Organization raises money to support the Band program as a whole while also creating opportunities for members to earn funds. Boosters who are not able to volunteer for or participate in Band fundraisers, should consider making a substantial donation to the general fund so that other members will not need to carry more than their fair share.

Since the Conejo Valley Unified School District provides only a small portion of the funds needed to operate the Band, it is our responsibility as Boosters to raise the funds needed to cover operating expenses. Our program depends heavily on the money generated by fund-raising activities.

Booster Volunteering

Donation support is critical to the Band Program, but money alone cannot meet all its needs. Booster Parents volunteers fill essential behind the scenes roles throughout our program. Active Boosters reap the rewards of lifelong friendships as well as the chance to work with and get to know a terrific bunch of students.

Fundraising (Ways and Means)

Each of our fundraisers requires volunteer support in order to be successful. There is something here for everyone so please say yes when the call for help goes out. We can't do it without you! Our program budget is paid for through fundraising efforts and donations from all families in the program.